To add custom icon's, and a custom color to your Public Page first navigate to the Settings page on the left side navigation menu.

Once there, click Appearance to start customizing.

Your options include the ability to:

  • Set a custom accent color using a hex-color code.
  • Set your company logo. It will appear at the top of all your release emails and public pages.
  • Set a favicon. On a web browser it will be the icon in the URL bar, on tabs, and elsewhere.

To add your company logo and/or favicon simply click the upload prompt under those options, and chose a high-quality image (JPG, PNP, etc). 

You also have the ability to add you social links, that will appear at the footer of your Public Page.

Once all the customizations are made, hit Save Changes, and you're all set!

Learn how to set up a custom domain for your Pubic Page here.

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