Subscribers are people who sign up to receive notifications about your releases. They can sign up to be notified about a particular app update, or to be notified regarding any update your organization makes.

To see who is subscribed to your projects, view the Subscribers page on the left side navigation menu.

You can see who is subscribed, what project that user is subscribed to, and when they subscribed.

You can also remove a subscriber at anytime by clicking the trash bin.

Users can subscriber themselves (to public project only), but as an admin you can also add an subscriber.

To do so:

  • Click Add Subscriber in the top right.
  • A module window will appear. Enter the email address of the subscriber you would like to add.
  • The default option for projects will be All, however you can chose to subscribe the user to a particular project.
  • Hit Subscribe, and they are in!

And that's how you manage subscribers with ease.

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